Training and Accompaniment

Training is a fundamental part of Sira’s work, as a means for generating knowledge exchange, promoting collective learning and questioning critically the existing theoretical and practical schemes.

Our training and group spaces are based on participatory methodologies, in which the strengthening of personal and group resources is worked on, developing a dialogue of knowledge and supporting the strengthening of specific technical knowledge.

We receive training requests from different social organizations and state entities worldwide, such as the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture- Brazil, Ministry dhbcjhf- Mexico, Legal Medicine – Colombia, the Spanish Red Cross, the General Council of Attorneys- E. Spanish., ..)

The team at Sira evaluates each request, and according to the needs and capacities, develops the most appropriate training route together with the requiring organization.


1. Istanbul Protocol

  • International standards and reference documentation.
  • Interview- self-healing process.
  • Application of the Istanbul Protocol

2. Individual intervention

Psychosocial intervention:

  • With migrants and asylum seekers
  • With traumatised persons

3. Community psychosocial intervention

  • Community diagnosis. IAP- Investigation Action Participation
  • Coping, resilience and resistance (facing situations of political violence, torture, arbitrary detentions, deprivation of liberty, criminalization of protest, etc.).
  • First psychological aid.
  • Gender, human rights and transcultural approaches.

4. Team support

  • Self-care and stress management (burn out).
  • Good practices in the care of caregivers and work teams.
  • Advise for teams in crisis situations.
  • Supervision of cases.
  • Mental health counselling within cooperation projects.
  • Debriefing.

5. Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness techniques applied to trauma
  • Relaxation and self-care
  • From the GAC we carry out periodic training. Check out at