Clinical Care


Each case is carefully and individually assessed, with the aim of offering an integral and specific intervention for each person or group in care.

We work from a psychosocial perspective, where the context and what is considered as common is an essential part of the work. The approach is also transcultural, so that it incorporates in the recovery process key elements of the symptoms’ cultural conception, including consideration of religious and cultural healing practices of the patient(s). We also work from a gender perspective and awareness of sexual diversity.

Depending on each case, our interventions are adapted from different frameworks, which are not considered to be exclusive:

Psychological and psychiatric specialized care of psychotherapeutic character for individuals, families and couples

Our team is specifically trained to employ a model of integrative psychotherapy with a psychosocial perspective. We are specialized in clinical care with people or groups that have lived traumatic situations or situations of great impact.

Our psychotherapeutic interventions are carried out through the establishment of a safe space and the privacy needed to promote the recovery of a sense of control for the person or group in care, who are the protagonists of the process itself.

Psychosocial Community support

* Support to groups affected by a common event of great impact for the individuals involved and/or for the group structure.

* Support to direct and indirect victims, as well as to professionals in charge (Crisis Intervention).

* Participatory observation processes, facilitation of reflection spaces and construction of lines of action within groups.

* Training and facilitation of community agents for psychosocial support.

As members of the GAC, the Sira team support the processes of truth, justice and reparation in Spain and Latin American countries, influencing mental health reparation policies and programs for victims of political violence.

We work with different organizations in diverse countries for the development of psychosocial support in processes of exhumation and search of victims of forced disappearance, as well as intervention in mental health and situations of violence.


We offer individual and group introductory workshops to the knowledge and practice of basic techniques to improve the ability of self-relaxation, self-awareness, self-control and emotion management.

We practice mind and body relaxation, as well as meditation, breathing techniques and body exercises, providing tools useful on a daily basis for a better management of the emotions and for stress reduction, which results in a gradual improvement of general emotional well-being.


Sir[a] tiene un sistema de contribución progresiva que oscila entre la gratuidad y alguno de los tres niveles que se detallan en la tabla.

Pedimos a cada una de las personas u organizaciones con las que trabajamos que aporten a nuestro servicio la cantidad que puedan, en función de sus posibilidades.

Sir[a] tiene convenio con diferentes organizaciones. Desde el equipo Sir[a] se apuesta por acuerdos de colaboración profesional adaptados a las necesidades de cada equipo de trabajo y organización, con el objetivo de transversalizar líneas de análisis e intervención multidisciplinar e integral.

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