Get Involved

We welcome any type of collaboration that may complement our work on mental health and human rights and help us to develop it.

We aim at creating a community around the values ​​and goals of the project based on other forms of collaboration. We want you to feel part of this community, participating with us. Any person interested in collaborating with us can participate in the events and meetings we do, to which we will inform you as collaborators of the Sira project.

Intercultural collaboration: if you are interested in getting involved with us for being a member of another culture or someone familiar about another culture, in Sira we are looking for people who can put translation skills and / or interpretation, mediation, traditional healing, or any other profession or skill useful to the framework of the project from within an intercultural perspective, because these disciplines are basic points of support for the accomplishment of our task.

Technical and creative collaborations: if you are interested in participating with us through your professional and / or creative skills, even if they are outside the area of ​​mental health and intercultural involvement, do not hesitate to send us your proposal about graphic design, layout, community management, social networks, journalism, photography, event organization… etc or any other discipline that you think can contribute to our team and our goals.

Specialized collaboration: if you are a professional in the field of mental health (psychologist or psychiatrist) or in the field of human rights and intercultural work (lawyer, social worker, educator, mediator) and you are interested in collaborating with us, please send us your curriculum vitae and letter of motivation and we will contact you to assess your request to join the team.

Economic contributions: if you are interested in collaborating with us via financial contribution to help us sustain the project, you can do so on a timely, monthly or annual basis by contacting us. Also, please find the relevant account number information below for any transfer you might want to make to Sira:

Nº Cuenta Sir[a] Iban: ES43 0073 0100 5805 0519 6344 (Banco: Open Bank)