Forensic Reports

We produce expert forensic reports related to victims of violence based on the Istanbul Protocol for the purpose of facts finding, medical or psychological sequels evaluation, credibility analysis, and proposals for reparation measures.

We also evaluate cases in strategic litigation contexts, provide expertise in complaints and give support for international protection applications and others.

Istanbul Protocol

Manual on the effective investigation and documentation of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. It is the instrument of reference of the United Nations system for the evaluation of torture.

We perform multidisciplinary evaluation with a psychological and psychiatric medical perspective, through a process of victim support. We also provide therapeutic help before or after drafting the Protocol, if the victim does require it.

Our team has more than ten years of accumulated experience in the application of this tool. We have also delivered many training courses on the understanding and application of this Protocol in different countries.

The individual evaluation of each case is carried out jointly with the lawyer of the plaintiff, by means of discussion and consensus process on the best litigation strategy, with subsequent psycho-legal assistance if necessary.

Exceptionally, we review expert evaluations of victims of violence in other contexts, not necessarily linked to the documentation of torture. In these situations, a case-by-case assessment is required.

Collective forensic reports 

We carry out assessment and evaluations of psychological, medical, psychiatric or psychosocial impact in cases of collective damage or assaults with more than one victim, as part of the multidisciplinary support team.

We have expertise in impact assessment in cases of mistreatment or torture linked to demonstrations, evictions, arbitrary detentions, collective massacres… etc.

Our evaluation includes the analysis of individual and collective damages, the analysis of credibility if necessary in the given context, the evaluation of sequels and the proposal of reparation measures from an individual, psychosocial and community perspective.